Super Simple Draw

Minimalist drawing app

that plants trees 🌳🌴🌲

Simple interface

Just open the app and draw. Like using a whiteboard or scratch paper.

Latest technology

Supports iOS widget, iPadOS multi-window, Apple Pencil 2 double tap, any device size and orientation.

Easy sharing

Share your drawings to friends through any channel, or copy it to other apps you use.

Endless ways to use

Artistic drawing

You can create wonderful arts with the straightforward tools and wide range of colors.

Ideas illustration

Jot down your ideas, whether it's for brainstorming or explaining to a friend.

Story telling

Draw with a kid, or just be like a kid. It's a blank space for learning, teaching, or random doodling, wherever your imagination takes you.

Protecting the Earth

We partner with Trees for the Future to plant trees when you draw on Super Simple Draw. Your drawings can help make the earth greener, and the air we breath in cleaner. Learn More.